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Feminism and Spirituality

How are they connected to each other?


Rakesh is an artist. He loves to travel and explore the world through photography. In his personal life, he plays the dual role of father and mother to his child. His wife says she cannot recall a single act or incident where Rakesh has tried to dominate her or interfered in her life. Rakesh believes in harmony, equality, non-discrimination, and respect for all.

I n an era where the struggle for an equal society has come a long way with still a long way to go, understanding feminism and it various facets is all the more imperative. Rakesh, our guest for this week, is of the view that feminism and spirituality has a deep connection. Let’s understand his perspective through a series of questions and answers.

1. Define feminism in one word or sentence.

2. Do you think only females can be feminists? If not, how and why?
No, I don’t think only females can be feminists. Feminism is a quality inherited by every human being. We are born with it.
Human beings come into the world with both feminine and masculine qualities. In Vedic literature, there is a mention of “Ardhanarishvara” which represents the concept of masculine and feminine energies of the universe as Purusha and Prakriti respectively. It exemplifies how Shakti, the female principle of God, is inseparable from Shiva, the male principle of God, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, with the dominance of masculinism, feminism has been put on the back seat. If you examine carefully, the masculine way of living is ego-centric, power-centric, conquer-centric and competitive in its very nature. As a result, individuals lose their quality of compassion, love, and empathy towards everything. Biologically, females have the natural advantage of feminism but in the existing scenario, they are in the race with males and have started losing the charm of feminism and have even slowly started shifting towards masculinism.

3. Do you think it is important to be a feminist?
Yes, it is important to be a feminist to create a balance within. It provides ability to see everything clearly and act decisively in life.

4. Being a male, what does it take to be a feminist?
It takes a lot in terms of understanding your inner being, combating your ego, fear and anxiety every day. This is where yoga and meditation help. Daily practice of Yoga and Sadhana has helped me in my journey.

5. Feminism is often misunderstood. What is your take on that?
Yes, most people think it is related with the belief that women should have same rights and opportunities as men. It is way above than drawing comparisons and about equal rights or gender issues. is a supreme quality that every gender, every individual should imbibe.

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