Empowering Women

Life’s a trip. Take a plunge to experience it.

Travelling has the power to teach, to heal and to set you free. Women do not need to fear to travel on their own.


Aaki, a student of English Literature, preparing for PhD, lives by the words of W.B. Yeats – “I sing myself, I celebrate myself.” She believes that self-love and self-acceptance are the most important things one needs to learn to grow. She aspires to be a lecturer one day is working diligently towards achieving her dream. Aaki is a learner at heart and has a varied range of hobbies.

We are a family of four. My father is a man of values. He works really hard to earn those wings with which my sister and I can fly and become what we want to be. My mother is an excellent housemaker. Our family runs a convenient store. My younger sister Shilpi is an Advocate, further pursuing LLM.

She is an epitome of what a woman of substance is thought to be and we share a bond which sums up all – a mentor, a true friend and a companion. I aspire to be a lecturer one day. That is what I have always dreamed about and I’m working very hard because I believe a dream is what doesn’t let you sleep.

Our travel plans

My sister and I were both planning to go on a trip since very long. But we were repeatedly subjected to questions, apprehensions and doubts. “You won’t be able to” these were the words that were constantly instilled in our minds. But then this was enough to make us take a firm stand. Why do people think that “a woman will not be able to.” Who are they to decide or judge what I can or can’t do?

When we can study, we can work, we can do household chores, what happens when it comes to travelling, why do we need a father, a brother or a husband to accompany us, to protect us and to guide us. Why?

We discussed and decided that this should stop. We should rather prove the world that a woman is a whole, she is complete and she an epitome of this universe itself.

So that’s how we decided to take up a journey to Tungnath and Kedarnath.

One of my sister’s batchmates suggested take we can go on a scooty to add to our adventure and the learning experience. We talked to our parents about it but they had their own set of worries and anxieties. At first, they were adamant that they wouldn’t send us, but after much conviction, they agreed. And we are grateful to them for allowing us.

This was ‘the best’ decision my sister and I have ever made. It was a life changing experience for us – something I will never be able to express in words.

We met amazing people/travellers throughout, whether we were having chai and Maggi or dinner. People were so helpful and jovial. Most of them were amazed to know that we had embarked on a scooty ride of almost 800 kilometres.

We got a chance to interact with many people from different regions. Besides, nature was also at its best. The scenic beauty of the mountains, the air, those foggy valleys, empty roads, pure and serene atmosphere – what I felt was something beyond imagination.

Memorable Moments

Our whole trip was memorable enough that I’ll never be able to forget. We took our trip on May 1, 2022, as soon as we started our scooty, my mother rushed to us with a bowl of the “Dahi shakkar” which was the perfect start to our trip.

Talking about the most memorable moment, the first sight of the Kedarnath temple after completing 18 kilometres of trek was a sight to behold. Its architecture, serenity and the aura was all so magical. To top it all, was the feeling “Yay, we did it!”


What made this trip different from the other trips was that we came out of our comfort zone. We overcame a lot of hardships, but all in all it was all worth it because it made us even more stronger, stronger in our resolve and spirits.

Travel has the power to change

As they say, sometimes we need to travel to unknown places and traverse unknown paths to find the things we don’t know we had lost and to repair the part of us we didn’t know were broken somewhere.
Prior to this trip, we used to think that home is the safest place to be and the world is too dangerous to explore. Don’t we all think the same nowadays?
However, this perspective of ours changed completely on meeting immensely beautiful people; wherever we went, people who were always willing to help.
Many of them are like family now. We keep on meeting them and families. We learnt that by travelling, one can see the broader view of what humanity is all about. From strangers to well-wishers, these connections are amazing.

Note for women who want to break free and travel

To all the beautiful and strong women out there, I’d say go and explore yourself, explore the world. Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore those who attempt to define you by setting limits.

Women have fought many wars, mostly internal, the ones that they battle alone and win. Your power is within you and travelling will strengthen you immensely.

It will make you strong enough to take your own decisions and to stand up for self, rather than following the instructions laid by this society.

Stereotypes I want to change

Though the society is changing and so are the views, still there are a lot of things that remain just the same. How often have we heard people say that women can’t drive. There are a lot of memes these days flooded over social media that women can’t be good drivers. My sister and I took up a scooty ride of about 800 kms in total, breaking a stereotype. Such stereotyping needs to stop. To consider women less than men is awful and pathetic. She is strong, she is complete.
Another statement that I hear regularly is that we always need a man to support us, to protect us from the world outside.
No, a woman is a protector, she is fierce and a warrior. She doesn’t need anyone whatsoever to protect herself.

  1. gopi punia says

    Feel really positive reading this ….. 💜💜💜

  2. gopi punia says

    Feel really positive reading this… 💜💜💜

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