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Pseudo-feminism: A path to destruction of all that is Logical, Rational and Equal!!!

How is it tarnishing the essence of feminism?


Chitralekha has spent ten years as a journalist before switching to academia in 2017. She worked as a guest lecturer for five years at Makhanlal University in Noida and Delhi School of Journalism, University of Delhi. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Mass Communication from Mizoram University. A passionate writer, thinker and scholar, she loves to take a 360-degree view on social issues.

If we Google the term ‘Feminism,’ it describes it as ‘a range of socio-political movements and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.’

In plain English, the feminism philosophy advocates treating people equally and fairly regardless of their gender or other characteristics.

Interestingly, it is not stated anywhere that only women can be feminists, but perhaps because of the way the word f-e-m-i-n-i-s-t is spelled and spoken, many of us assume that it refers to an ideology that only supports women and advocates for their rights even if they are at the expense of others, particularly men’s exploitation and denigration.

Well! Friends, don’t let the sound of the word influence you. The true idea of feminism promotes justice and equality for everyone, including both genders. And those “innocent women (???)” who use it as a weapon to justify only their irrational acts and beliefs are actually the leaders of a pernicious philosophy known as “Pseudofeminism.” And I want to make it clear before anyone starts abusing me verbally that this statement is not mine. It is cited by your icon, my icon, and our collective icon, a well-known American feminist from the 1960s − Gloria Marie Steinem. She said, “anyone who respects the equality and full humanity of women and men is a feminist.”

Read it again; the word “men” is clearly present. Therefore, all social media activists who mistakenly believe that they are exhibiting the true and unadulterated ideals of feminism by blatantly supporting female wrongdoings, free sex, a separate line for groceries and pretty much every other store, unfair laws, tax breaks, and above all preferential treatment in all spheres of life are not supporters of feminism; rather, they are fostering the ideology of fake feminism, or as it is more commonly known, ‘pseudo-feminism.’

So, what actually is Feminism?

Well! The movement known as feminism, which promotes the rights and interests of women, has its roots predominantly in the West from where it has expanded around the world. In reality, it is a reflection of the idea that women are treated unfairly across countries and that men are often preferred. There are two methods to deal with that: fighting gender stereotypes and striving to make sure that men and women have equal access to education and jobs. The goal of defining, advancing, and realising gender, political, cultural, personal, and societal equality has been the focus of a variety of social, political, and philosophical movements known as feminist movements. Feminists focus on women rights, including the right to vote, hold public office, work, earn a living wage, close the gender pay gap, own land, find employment, enjoy equal rights in marriage, and receive maternity leave. They also fight for social equality and the defense of females against rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
Do you realise that there are still a lot of restrictions on women around the world? For instance, many Asian nations restricted women to domestic life while expecting men to engage in public life. In many parts of the world, women are also barred from owning property, attending school, and are expected to cover their heads in public. In many patriarchal countries, a woman is regarded as the husband’s property.

Real feminism inspires women to fight for their right to equal protection under the law. It simultaneously promotes standing up for men who experience such humiliations and unequal rights.

Let’s have a look at recent examples of feminism movements

Iran currently is experiencing a strong feminist movement where women are striving for the same rights as men to remove their head scarves in public. Indian women cricketers will receive match payments at par with those paid to men cricketers, according to recent announcements. Indian women are now eligible to take the NDA tests and seek for permanent commissions in the Indian army, which were previously solely open to men. The aforementioned instances represent a win for feminism.

A feminist victory is achieved when men and women are treated, respected, and valued equally.

A feminist victory is achieved when men and women are treated, respected, and valued equally. Absolute social feminism is still a long way off, but it has made progress in many other areas.

Now, what is pseudo-feminism?

‘Pseudo feminism.’ What is that? Pseudo-feminism, to put it simply, is a false feminism philosophy that promotes women’s superiority over males rather than equal rights and opportunities for all genders.
The ‘woke culture’ is at an all-time high where people freely ask questions and demand answers, especially in the age of social media when everyone is both a consumer and a producer, thanks to subsidized internet access, smart phones in their hands and social media accounts in their names. Many of us made a point of stoutly supporting whatever a woman accomplishes (or loses) under the guise of feminism.

Pseudo feminism is when, in the name of feminism, we attack every social norm without understanding the reasoning behind it, when we degrade and mistreat our male counterparts, when we only see one side of a situation rather than the whole picture.

In the name of feminism, we want the freedom to engage in free sex, go outside at odd hours, dress however we choose to, and do whatever we please. But are we willing to embrace the implications of these rights? I’m afraid not. For God’s sake, feminism demands sensible equality rights. It does not need us to blindly follow the erroneous paths taken by males in order to attain equality with them.

We want paid pregnancy leaves for us, but do we behave same when our house maids demand it? We want men to help in household chores, but what happens to equality advocacy when men expect their wives to help them in running the household. Why is preferential treatment desired? Why are only women seen as victims? Men can also be victims of women brutality and exploitation.

Pseudo-feminism: The Consequences

According to pseudo-feminism, women deserve greater respect than men. The saddest part of living in a society where women face numerous obstacles every day is that some people misrepresent feminism. Do pseudo-feminists really seek equality? No, they want to establish a world where women alone rule.
In a 2014 report by the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW), 53.2% of the rape cases reported by the women victims were found to be false. And the percentage is only rising as it leaps towards 90%. Fake cases against men are on the rise in Indian courts. These cases now contribute to a fragile economy and a highly unstable society since the damage is so great.

Pseudo-feminism is concerned with man’s hatred and woman’s dominance. It’s not about equality; it’s about getting back at society for the atrocities, abuse, and supremacy that it subjected women to.

The most alarming element, however, is how these “pseudo-feminists” hunt for flaws in all males, finding methods to make them look bad, painting them as suspects when nothing fits their needs or their preferences and playing the victim card, with disastrous results. We have numerous instances already:

  • Recall the 2014 Rohtak sisters case, in which two sisters attacked three men with a belt after accusing them of harassing them when, in fact, the dispute was over a seat. In 2017, the court found all three men to be innocent and discharged them. The sister team had previously done that to seek 20,000 rupees from someone else.
  • Remember 2020 Bois locker room case, where a young boy committed suicide only because a girl accused him of abusing her while it was found later that she was making false accusations.
  • Think of 2021 case when a Zomato delivery man became the victim of a Bengaluru based social media influencer who accused him of hitting her while in reality she was the one who physically assaulted him. The man lost his job and his prestige.
  • Recall an episode of Roadies where actress Neha Dhupiya was ridiculed for allowing a woman to cheat while verbally abusing a male competitor for doing the same.
  • Bullying towards a lady who desires a son is a common occurrence. Also, we frequently witness women misbehaving with other people as well as bullying, abusing, and bashing on-duty police officers.

These are all instances of fake feminism, committed by those who advocate for women’s superiority over men rather than equal rights for men and women. They are the true offenders driving our society towards a vast divide between men and women, where logic, equality, and reason have no place in the fight for supremacy of women. Beware of such poisonous, uneducated women who do not advocate for equality for all, rather force the acceptance of their own whims and preferences.

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  1. Garima says

    Very well written and equally thought provoking. Inequality or bias is wrong whether it’s done against men or women. But here I would also like to add that probably because womenfolk were suppressed a lot (and many of them still face this) over a long time, what we are seeing today is the spring action going towards wrong direction. Nevertheless pseudo-feminism should not be supported or encouraged.

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